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Daily Classics Descriptions


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Regular Sized Cupcake Pricing:

• $3.00 per cupcake
• $16 per half dozen (save $2!)
• $32 per dozen (save $4!)
($38 per dozen for gluten-free or vegan),

If choosing a flavor we bake that day (see Menu page), you can order any amount.  There are always 14 delicious flavors to choose from in our Bel Air & Cockeysville bakeries!

If choosing a flavor not on the menu that day, you must order a minimum of 12 per flavor (you can choose from the specific-day flavors and seasonal flavors).  Keep in mind, if ordering beyond the daily baking menu, you can order up to two additional flavors.  We have to limit it to two in order to maintain our quality standards!

On most holidays we have to create a set menu in order to maintain our quality control with such high volume.  Menu will be posted on Facebook and posted at the shop.


Mini Cupcake Pricing:

We make a limited supply of minis for the shop each day.  They are sold in boxes of one-dozen and include four flavors – Vanilla, Red Velvet, Salted Caramel & Black Bottom.   You can always pre-order flavors of your choice by following the ordering parameters below!  

• $32 per two-dozen minis (additional dozen increments are $16.00)
• $38 per 2-dozen for special dietary cupcakes (gluten-free or vegan)

Minimum of 24 minis (can be ordered in dozen increments after that).

If choosing flavors we bake that day, you can order 4 flavors.

If choosing a flavor not on the menu that day, you must order a minimum of 24 per flavor (you can choose from the classics, specific-day flavors and seasonal flavors).  Keep in mind that if you are ordering beyond the daily baking menu, you can order up to two additional flavors.  We have to limit it to two in order to maintain our quality standards!

Daily Classics Descriptions

Ordering Requirements

• ALL ORDERS MUST BE RECEIVED BEFORE NOON THE PRIOR DAY!  You can either visit,  call or email the shop to submit an order, however email orders must be sent in at least 48 hours in advance.  Also, we always follow up email orders with a personal confirmation email so be sure the order is confirmed.

• Holidays and busy Saturdays book up fast and sometimes we hit our order limit earlier, so please order as early as possible.

• When ordering, please note that we close Sunday at 4:00pm.

• Please note that cancellations must follow the same order time requirements (48 hours notice for cupcakes and 5 days notice for custom designs.)



Custom Decorations (Fondant & Paper-Craft)

First and foremost, Flavor cupcakes are designed to be a great balance of cake/frosting and to be beautifully decorated so each flavor has a unique look.  We prefer to keep our cupcakes as they are because this will give you the best overall look and it enables us to bake/decorate in quantity and keep our trays full for our customers. 

When you want to go all out with color/thematic elements, we have a truly talented design department that will create unique and memorable toppers for our cupcakes.

• Custom toppers require 5 days’ notice (Tuesday is the latest for the coming weekend’s orders).   Some weeks book up quick, so order early!
• Basic fondant toppers are available for $.50 per (limited designs available, please consult shop) and custom fondant designs start at $1.50 per.
• We have a limited offering of Basic toppers for mini cupcakes.  Call or visit the shop for details!
• $1 per cupcake for custom paper-craft toppers. Minimum order of 12.


We also have several hand-made paper-craft toppers available for purchase in our shop.

Please note that we do not color our frosting for custom orders –  We have found too much food coloring alters the flavor of our frosting (and we’re all about flavor…!) and it also compromises our baking/decorating process.  We have sprinkles available in a variety of colors.  However, please keep in mind that sprinkles can compromise the look of some of our flavors (chocolate peanut butter for example).  Your best bet is to let the cupcakes “shine” as they are and bring color/thematic elements in with your other decorations or custom fondant/paper toppers.

To place your order:

Call Us:

Bel Air 443-371-6664
Cockeysville 410-891-8220

Email Us:


*When emailing us directly please indicate Bel Air or Cockeysville shop location in the subject line, thank you!


The last hour of each day is Cupcake Happy Hour at FLAVOR!  $2.50 cupcakes during the last hour of business!

Here’s why… We bake fresh each and every day. We do not sell cupcakes that were made any earlier than that day (unless we have leftovers and they are specified as such). We have to clear our shelves and start fresh again the next day. Therefore, we have to sell out each day in order not to waste. We keep our doors open for our customers on weekdays until 7:00 and Saturday until 6:00 – this way we are here for all of you who work and can’t make it here until those later hours.  If you want a specific order, simply call or email ahead and we’ll put an order in for you or set cupcakes aside from that day (at our regular price). Then, you can come up until the last hour to pick them up. Walk-in customers during the last hour will benefit with a $.50 savings per cupcake, but have to understand that all flavors might not be here and we may even sell out.  We believe this is a win/win for Flavor and for our customers. We’re keeping it fresh and passing the savings along to you!!

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