About Us

Shelley Stannard, Owner

My name is Shelley Stannard and I’m the owner of Flavor Cupcakery. I love beautiful things that make you feel good inside and spark creativity. As cupcakes started to proliferate throughout America and the world, I saw how much joy and fun they brought to not only special occasions, but to every day. I decided I wanted to bring this fun and creativity to my community and so I embarked on an adventure to create the most delicious and visually appealing cupcakes that I could.

My goal is to combine quality, care and creativity in the preparation of our cupcakes so that they become more than something to just satisfy a sweet craving. Flavor Cupcakery is all about bringing a smile to people’s faces, making an ordinary day a little more special, and enjoying a flavor sensation that’s worth the splurge!




flavor cupcakery staff

Fun Flavor Staff

Flavor Cupcakery is dedicated to providing a unique, creative atmosphere for many fun and creative professionals who are committed to the best in pastry baking/design and customer service!

flavor cupcakery staff

Shelley and her team at the Harford
Award being honored with Entrepreneur of the Year


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